A love story in the slow lane about loss and getting lost—two childhood sweethearts take a trip via pints, ponds and pitstops to find their future on a road less travelled from Stoke-on-Trent to Wales.

Pondweed Cover

Sitting Ducks

Meagre in build. Mouthy in nature. One good owner and Pottery trained, Josiah ‘Totty’ Minton is bang out of sick notes and harbouring a dream of a three-bed semi with bay windows, fully-fitted carpets and enough of a garden to stretch his legs…..

Sitting Ducks Cover

It’s Gone Dark Over Bill’s Mother’s

Dominated by the working-class matriarch, this collection celebrates the stories that would otherwise go untold.

It’s Gone Dark Over Bill’s Mother’s

The Miner Birds Monologues

A theatre collaboration with The New Vic and the North Staffs Miner’s Wives’ Action Group

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Bill's Mother and Pondweed Book Covers