It’s Because I am a Woman

It’s ‘Because I am a Woman’: Realising Identity to Reconstruct Identity for the Female Autoblographical Inquiry.


This article aims to outline the critical framework of a gendered identification procedure that conditions the female’s approach to the autoblographical inquiry, highlighting the links between female practices of self-representation and feminist agendas. Utilising existing theories upon identity and selfhood to support my own, I present the procedure as a consciously gendered practice that has re-appropriated the act of blogging into a ‘feminised situation’; an ideal space that best suits the contours of female self-discovery models. To support this claim, I explore why, given the freedoms of cyberspace and the fact that the computer cannot recognise the dichotomies between masculine and feminine, gender biases and gender intensification still exists within the multiple realities of blogging practice. I ask why women exaggerate societal notions of femininity as a formative and integrative part of self-representation, and explore if this act of gender-stamping compromises online self-presentation or invites the female to think about and express herself in entirely new ways.

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