‘Sitting Ducks’ – Fairacre Press, April 2016, pre order your copy here

‘The Trees in the Wood’ – ‘Spindles: The Science of Sleep’, Comma Press, coming soon

‘The Land of Make Believe’ – Highly Commended, The Bridport Prize 2015 anthology, Redcliffe Press

‘The Casual Electrocution of Strangers’ – Literary Salmon, October 2015

‘Dirty Laundry’ – Short Story Sunday, January 2015

‘It’s Because I am a Woman: Realising Identity to Reconstruct Identity for the Female Autoblographical Inquiry’ – Article for Convergence, Winter, 2014

‘Chuck and Di’ – The Luminary, ‘Hidden Voices’ anthology, September 2014

‘Pot Luck’ – for BBC Radio 4, May 2nd 2014 at 3.45pm      Listen here

‘Johnny Dangerously’ – The New Welsh Review, Spring Issue, March 2014

‘Barmouth’ – in The BBC National Short Story Award, 2013, Comma Press, broadcast on BBC Radio 4 September 24th 2013 Read here

‘Broken Crockery’ – Winner, The Guardian National Short Story Competition, 2009   Read here